Most of the time, the buyers check the price range from popular pricing websites before getting a car. But, the information that the buyers seek is not always provided on a local dealership website. The reason behind this is the trickery of the so-called specialists to control these sites and avoid disclosing invoice pricing. They are hiding the fact about the car price, and that’s usually a sign of a bad dealership.

Why people prefer to check the dealer invoice prices 

 The purpose of most of the customers who are car shopping is to get the most ideal price in their purchase, without too much haggling. In simpler words, most buyers wish to negotiate the car price and want to make a deal below the car retail or sticker price, but won’t be upset if that means they have to visit 2-3 different dealerships to find the right deal. 

The only attribute that can assist them in such a situation is the dealer invoice price. The dealer invoice prices actually claim to reveal the original manufacturer’s price of the vehicle or car. But, in recent years, the price estimation that is shown and broadcasted on the internet is not always true.    

The reasons why you should not believe in the dealer invoice prices blindly 

For the past few decades, due to several reports and observations, the wisdom of the dealer invoice has been questioned. The reasons behind this are listed for your review below:

Automobile dealers try to trick the customers 

It is obvious that the people who deal with the products have much more knowledge than the buyers. Everyone in the market wants to make money and, thus they will always try to fool others if they aren’t a reputable and trustworthy seller.

 You can enquire about several different models, but the dealers will never reveal the prices they have paid for them. If they do so, they might not attain the price they are looking to get out of it. That is why they keep the original price secret sometimes.

The dealers hide the facts of car transaction cost 

Do you really think that the dealers make a loss in the transaction that they flaunt on the internet? The answer is simply no. A dealer will never take such risks. At worse, they may only make a small margin on inventory they are looking to move quickly. According to the reports, around $1,500 or below is almost unheard of.

 But, the truth is something else. If the dealers are not really having any losses, then what is the origin of those ‘below MSRP deals’? 

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Pricing difference

If you examine pricing carefully, most of the car prices have the least difference between the retail price and the invoice price. You might find only a 10% difference between the two. If you estimate the average of the pricing, it generally appears within 6% to 7%. 

Moreover, it is not only the car price that you need to pay. Several additional charges like taxes and transportation fees get included with the price, increasing the charges beyond 10%. Thus, the estimated cost of the car that the internet sources highlighted based on the dealer invoice price is not at all genuine.  


In the present day, the dealer invoice price has become worthless. It is because the internet is unaware of the true manufacturing cost of the vehicle. Thus, it has only become a deceptive sales tool you should be aware of.