Honda was a company first built in 1949, they focused on motorcycles galore. No one really expected it to become as large as a car brand as it is now (Could you imagine if Honda rebranded as a motorcycle company again today?…yikes). But today, when people hear the word Honda, there are a few adjectives that immediately come to mind; safe, reliable…etc. While no one could complain, Honda was never THE car brand you dreamed of… up until now.

The new 2020 Honda designs definitely can’t be described as boring. With the new sleek, cutting-edge designs, you may never look at Honda the same way again! Don’t believe me, just check out the new Honda Civic! Our car of the day! There’s no way you could look at either the base or the coupe model and say that Honda is no longer just for the faint of heart. Straight from the source, Honda describes their new civic features as follows: “The 2020 Civic Sedan features aggressive lines and refined features that make it stand out from the crowd. Signature C-shaped tail lights, a sleek profile, and a bold sport trim add to its fierce personality,” (Honda), and fierce it is! But, Honda spared no expense on keeping up their reputation as reliable.

The new Honda still has the amazing features that made it one of the most loved vehicles in the first place, like that amazing 32/42 gas mileage along with a new base 158-Horsepower engine. Bet that didn’t come to mind when you think about a civic! So, if you’re looking for style and convenience check out your nearest Honda Dealer, and if you live in Texas, the team @Allen Honda dealership is a great choice. Check them out for your best Honda buying experience yet!