Honda first established itself in 1949 and have been on the rise since they released their first offering, but no one really expected it to become as large of a car brand as they are at the time…

Today, when people talk about Honda, there are a few words that come to mind; safe, reliable, etc, and now you can add remarkable to your list! The new 2020 Honda designs definitely aren’t boring. With the new sleek, cutting-edge designs, you’ll never look at Honda the same way again. So, drum roll please, our car of the day is the 2020 Honda Clarity! There’s no way you could look at this car and say that Honda is for the faint of heart. This sporty design and room interior is definitely a departure from the features of the last design.

Honda Clarity


Straight from the source, Honda says their new clarity features are all-inclusive. With both exterior and interior changes, a sleek profile, and bold trims, the clarity offers the benefits of an electric car with the freedom of a hybrid and uses a high-capacity battery for longer all-electric driving. Honda has spared no expense on keeping up their reliable reputation. These Honda’s has amazing features that make it such a loved vehicle. It has an amazing 47 MPG along with a new battery for a longer, better drive.

So, if you’re looking for a style, convenience, and eco-friendly vehicle, check out your nearest Honda Dealer! If you live in Texas, the team @Brannon Honda  is a great choice. Check them out for a great Honda buying experience.