During these tough economic times, more people than ever are keeping their older cars and everyone knows that an honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold. For savvy shoppers, there is an alternative to the high cost of auto repairs charged by most dealerships. 


Allen Honda is a professional auto repair shop with certified technicians specializing in foreign and domestic car and truck diagnostic repairs, replacement parts, oil changes, tire rotation and replacement, and automobile inspection. 


Whether your car needs something as simple as an oil change, or as complex as a transmission overhaul, Allen Honda is the place to go. I’ve been a customer of theirs for the past several years and can attest to their professionalism and service expertise, the timeliness and quality of their work, and their fair and honest pricing.


I first discovered Allen Honda when my Acura needed routine maintenance. Tired of the long wait and high cost of an oil change at Acura’s service department, I decided to take a chance on a local shop advertising a coupon for a discounted oil change and safety inspection.


Not knowing what to expect, I walked in without an appointment. No problem, said the shop’s manager, a tall and affable gentleman. I opted to wait for my car and picked up what I thought would be the first of several magazines while lounging in the shop’s modest yet comfortable waiting room. Surprisingly enough, the car was ready within an hour, hardly enough time to finish reading a single article in that first magazine! More surprising was the fact that the cost of the service was as advertised. There were no hidden charges or gimmicks designed to squeeze more money out of me. A discreetly placed sticker on the inside of my windshield served as a reminder of the vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance.


I took my Acura back to Allen Honda for the duration of my lease, and when I traded up to an Audi, their expert technicians had no problem performing the scheduled maintenance on my new vehicle. I had a tire replaced on the car after hitting a pothole, and the brakes adjusted when I heard a squeaking noise while slowing the car to a stop. In each case, an estimate was prepared and no work was performed unless the manager explained what was required and why it was necessary. They also didn’t hit me over the head with unnecessary repair costs. In my experiences, most parts for domestic cars were fairly priced, while parts for foreign cars were slightly more expensive. Labor costs were reasonable and all work was fully guaranteed.


Not long ago, I was looking into buying a used car for my wife. I found what I thought was a steal: an A6 Quattro. The car was under mileage and looked and drove beautifully. I asked the dealer to drive it over to Allen Honda and had their team put it on the lift. Imagine my surprise when they found that the car had problems with everything from the transmission to the muffler! It would need a few thousand dollars worth of repairs just to pass a state inspection! I was grateful to have found such honest mechanics who had probably saved me from buying a lemon. I could never go anywhere else for automobile service and repair.


Check them out if you’re in the area!